Plazmaman 2jz Intake Manifold

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  • Big Ports, 6 Inj. - 89mm
  • Big Ports, 6 Inj. - 100mm
  • Race Ports, 12 Inj. - 89mm
  • Race Ports, 12 Inj. - 100mm
  • Monster Ports, 12 Inj. - 89mm
  • Monster Ports, 12 Inj. 100mm
  • None
  • 89mm hose snout
  • 89mm Plazmaclamp snout
  • 100mm hose snout
  • 100mm Plazmaclamp snout
  • None
  • 89mm / 3.5"
  • 100mm / 4"

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Plazmaman Toyota 2JZ-GTE Intake Manifold

  • Big Ports, Race Ports, or Monster Ports
  • 6 or 12 Injectors
  • Includes Single or Dual Fuel Rails
  • Available to fit 89mm or 100mm T/B

In the last 5-10 years the 2JZ has become one of the most potent engines in the world Sports Compact scene. The 2JZ has single handedly been behind many world records and the development and pursuit of faster times is still on going. Plazmaman has been working closely with race teams and engine builders to fine tune our 2JZ inlet design over the last decade. What we have introduced now into the world market is one of the most robust and technically correct designs available.

We have spent a large amount of time concentrating on 2 things. The first being the port size vs taper, and the second the manifold dome volume.

At Plazmaman we are able to offer 2 different styles of billet runners - the first one is to suit a Street based everyday driven vehicle with big boost and horsepower in a single injector style, and the second is a big port 12 Injector design is for heavily modified full blown race machines where maximum horsepower is of importance.

In the tough world of racing we also realised the need to design the inlet in such a fashion where weight and strength are critical. Up to and over 100+ psi can safely be distributed and flowed by any Plazmaman billet 2JZ inlet manifold.

As with all Plazmaman premium products they are packed with many features such as:

  • Lightweight and rigid design
  • Precision CNC machined billet base
  • 3mm smooth design plenum dome
  • Measured long taper RAM tubed runner + a big port design
  • Professionally tig welded by master craftsmen ยท Ergonomic appeal

Please note: These come directly from Plazmaman in Australia and are built-to-order. Standard finish is aluminum, colors are optional at extra cost.